For 24/7 Support: Call 785.843.8985 to speak with a trained sexual violence advocate.

Mission Statement

To work together with the community to provide service and strength and to cultivate well-being for all people affected by sexual violence.

GaDuGi SafeCenter, as an empowerment-based organization, embraces all citizens of Douglas, Jefferson, Franklin Counties regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. "GaDuGi" is from the Cherokee language meaning "working together in a community sense".

Annual Reports

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History of GaDuGi Safe Center

GaDuGi SafeCenter was established as the Lawrence Community/University of Kansas Rape Victim Support Service in the fall of 1972 as the first stand alone rape crisis center in the state of Kansas and one of the first three in the entire nation.

In 1993, the name of the group was changed to Douglas County Rape Victim/Survivor Service:  Advocacy, Support, Awareness, Prevention (RVSS/ASAP).  The name change reflected contemporary language regarding sexual assault, while retaining the acronym RVSS for practical purposes.  Victim/Survivor allows for one to identify as either a victim or a survivor – and it also reflected the journey one often takes in becoming a survivor.  The ASAP acronym reflected the urgency in our work and more fully described the organization’s mission.

Beginning January 2004, RVSS became GaDuGi SafeCenter.  GaDuGi (gah-doo-ghee, hard g’s) translates from Cherokee to English as "working together as a community toward a common goal".  Our agency "works together as a community toward a common goal of ending sexual violence".

Currently, GaDuGi SafeCenter is the sole provider for community members to receive referrals, assistance, supportive listening, and counseling in the aftermath of sexual assault or any form of sexual violence.  Clients include survivors, friends of survivors, spouses, partners, children, guardians and parents.  GaDuGi SafeCenter advocates strive to offer only what is needed by each particular client.  Our work requires us to be flexible, committed, and concerned. 



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